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Artist Statement      

Yvonne  M.  Stoklosa
East Aurora, NY 
(716) 989-9502

Medium:   Glass

Glass is a medium that can be worked cold
(stained glass), warm (kiln-formed glass), and hot
(blown glass).  I am the soul designer and creator of
these stained glass and kiln-formed art pieces.

My original design for each piece, whether it’s a small jewelry box or a large window, is expertly planned and hand-crafted to the highest quality my head, heart, and hands can perform.   With a Master’s Degree in Architecture and being a Master Glass Artisan, I take great pride making each piece so that it is well designed and crafted and can be used and enjoyed in the home or on the body (glass jewelry).

Over the years, I have perfected soldering techniques, using either metal came or the copper-foil method of constructing traditional stained glass.  In kiln-formed pieces, I often paint on glass, add texture with shards of glass and fire it in the kiln.  Some pieces I slump in a kiln using a custom mold.  In fused dichroic (metal oxide- coated) glass jewelry, I often wire-wrap the piece in precious metal.

I do not limit my designs to one particular style.  My design inspiration comes from the Arts & Crafts Movement c. 1900;  Nature- as the ultimate perfection in design; current color and interior design trends;  and imagination. I do try to have something for everyone, maybe a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired chandelier, a glass necklace, a magic wand or a suncatcher.

Custom work extrapolates ideas from your wants and needs to my abilities and imagination, so if you’re inspired to have me design and make you a special piece, please inquire.

Yvonne M. Stoklosa 
Roycroft Campus Artist-in-Residence
Arts & Craftsmen Guild, founding Member

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